The demonic flu

Spreading faster than any flu, evil spirits can manifest from one person to the next, changing someone’s personality instantaneously. Some changes include AN IMMEDIATE above God-like outlook with a sense of entitlement.

The oppressed also suddenly feel the need to meddle, oversee, and govern the lives of others. They are judgers, condemners, murmurers, and cruel mockers. They are without one true identity, chameleons, also having a dumb spirit.

The oppressed spread exaggerated and false gossip to create chaos, power, control, attention, dominion, and to produce themselves above others. They are immature seekers of attention, consumed with jealousy if they aren’t the constant center of attention.

The oppressed of Satan are liars, double minded, players, sneaky, users, always up to something, creating constant crisis’s and injustices to gain attention. They are excuse makers, unaccountable, and un-repentive. Their personalities are negative, finding fault with everything, completely ungrateful to God.

They are know-it-alls, un-teachable, and arrogant. Some express rage, controlled by the devil, and they therefore lash out at whoever represents a threat to the devil’s control over them. In some cases, they destroy every aspect of a loved one’s life if they can’t control them. They are blinded with pride, never considering the suffering they cause to themselves and to others. They are apathetic and cold, spellbound puppets obeying Satan directly or through others.

These spirits can spread from one person to another for many reasons, such as when someone gives them the legal spiritual authority to do so. This includes a sinner without repentance, an enabler who is going along with or in idle acceptance of the works of evil from others.

These spirits have no mercy and will oppress even very young children, including through spiritual generational influences. When a child is acting up, they simply could just be acting up. However, there are telltale signs that make the presence of evil spirits very apparent.

-LOVE, includes daily and fervently praying to Jesus, to free the oppressed. And LOVE includes never being an aid nor empowering the oppressed of the devil in any way.

Ephesians 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

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