destruction 1

The outcome of being disobedient to God

The love of God created everyone. His love has a plan that considers all of His children, including their everlasting destiny. God puts much wisdom, work,¬†thoughtfulness, and love into the extensive intricacies of all that is transpiring in this world. This includes with how each of His children will effect others. When someone is disobedient to God they are harming not only themselves but they can create collateral harm to many of God’s other children. This can include not only the loss of salvation for themselves. Their disobedience can have assorted influences that cause the loss of salvation for others. Being purposely disobedient to God is to purposely harm God. Many sins are conducted because someone chooses to place themselves equally or above God. A sin is a sin and any sin leads to the same place without true repentance. But Scripture shows us that some sins are more detestable to God. Sinners of iniquity choose their own path in life, and lean unto their own understanding. To do so is a perpetual ongoing sin of disobedience 24 hours a day. God has patience. But at one point, God makes it not worth it to be disobedient to Him. Deuteronomy chapter 28 is an eye opener in showing a multitude of curses someone can bring upon themselves. If someone isn’t thankful for all that they have, they might find out what it is like to have a whole lot less. The ungrateful can also find every area of their lives collapsing due their own spirit bringing this upon themselves. God loves all of His children. God makes it not worth it to harm Him and His children. Betraying God can have a result that is beyond bad. Besides every aspect of someone’s life falling apart, the curses that someone can bring upon themselves and other generations far offset any self-centered short-lived pleasures. If someone knows of God and His Word, and they’ve been blessed with guidance, the due results of being disobedient can be especially devastating. Someone might wonder why bad things keep happening to them and their loved ones, and how could God let that happen. No one can escape facing God and themselves one day, only to find out that their disobedient spirit was causing immensity of harm to themselves and to their loved ones. Jeremiah 18:10 If it do evil in my sight, that it not obey my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them.

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