Nowhere Else To Turn

Returning with my wife Sharon, and two year old Great Grandson, Ryland, from his home, I was driving East on Route 460, just east of Roanoke, Virginia. It was early morning.

With Sharon and Ryland in the back seat, we were approximately 300 yards from our turn off to our home. The traffic was moving at about fifty-five to sixty miles an hour. Tractor trailers were on both sides of us, and another tractor trailer was right behind us. I couldn’t even see the headlights of the tractor trailer behind me, with the truck that close. We were trapped in a bottle neck. I wasn’t panicking, but I was looking for a way out.  Coming closer to the stop light for my cut off, I realized all three of the trucks were moving too fast, and I was caught up in the flow of that bottleneck. I was getting anxious, more so because my beloved wife and grandson were in the back. I didn’t have time for road rage…and with nowhere else to turn, I looked upward to my heavenly Father.  A quick thought of the Father, was my prayer. All of a sudden, I looked up and there was a red light, and everyone came to a safe stop. Someone else did that for me, and I knew who it was. In my quick prayer which was just a thought of the Father, He knew what I needed, and what I wanted, to protect my beloved family.  In life, right then, with nowhere to turn, I realized that there was always someplace to turn, and that was to the Lord in any situation.As soon as the light changed, I had somewhere to turn, and I was home safe with my family.

Ron Childs   Troutville, Va

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