“Mommy, I was up in the sky with God!”

Lisa took off frantically, running as fast as she ever did in her life, to her six year old son Erik! Erik was laying face down, submerged in a pond. Erik was pulled from the water by a relative, and while unconscious, with his face blue, his lifeless body was given CPR.

Then, an ambulance crew arrived, and they were working on Erik in the back of the ambulance. Lisa’s bloodied feet were also being treated at a nearby picnic table, and unknowingly to Lisa, she had ripped them apart from her frantic run to Erik.

One of the ambulance crew members suddenly called to Lisa, and miraculously, Erik awoke and was asking for his mother! After being transported to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Erik told his mother, “mommy. I was up in the sky! And I looked down and I could see ‘me’ in the ambulance, and I could see you and everyone all around the ambulance! God gave me my favorite toy to play with while I was watching! Then, I felt myself being pulled back into my body!”

The hospital personnel told Lisa that nine out of ten children didn’t survive the same ordeal that happened to Erik,  “Glory be to the Father in the Son, thank You Father and Lord Jesus, for saving Lisa’s son, Erik! Amen!”

Lisa Connor |  New Jersey

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