Her Shepherds were not astray

Deb told me how Isabelle’s white poodle was attacked and probably would have been killed by two large German Shepherds in her housing development. Deb’s boyfriend, Rick, screamed so loudly at the German Shepherds, that it scared them off.

Deb and Isabelle immediately tracked down the owners of the German Shepherds, and they discovered that the owner, a woman, was living in a very bad way.  The woman immediately asked Deb and Isabelle not to report her because of her dogs running freely without a leash, as she was very poor and having difficulties. Isabelle and Deb agreed.

The woman told them, that right then, she was having such troubles in life, that she was looking up what the word ‘faith’ meant, on the computer. She stated that she just received a motor vehicle fine of $140 the day before, and repeated again, how poor she was. In addition, her daughter was just arrested for heroin, and had her child taken away from her.

The woman then told Isabelle and Deb, “I just about had it in life, and that’s why I was looking up what the word ‘faith’ meant.”

Isabelle spent some time alone with the woman, and the woman shortly, thereafter, had tears pouring down her face, while accepting Jesus as her Savior!

Deb and I later talked, and realized that, quite possibly, with the dogs getting loose and setting off the chain of events leading to the woman finding the Lord, that this was maybe no coincidence.

“Thank You Jesus! Amen.”

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