Connie Wohlford A lover of God and an Author of Christian Children’s Books

Written by Connie Wohlford
Hi. I’m Connie Wohlford. According to my 102 character Twitter bio, I’m a “Lover of God, family, country. Student of God’s Word, writer, speaker, traveler & Gratefully Redeemed!”

In case you wish to know more about me, I’ll elaborate a bit:

I’m a lover of God so much so that I want to get to know Him better through reading and studying His Word. Why do I love Him? —He first loved me; He sent His Son, Jesus, so I could have eternal life through believing and receiving Him. I was separated from God, my Creator, because of my sins. But now, through Christ Jesus, I am Gratefully Redeemed!

A student of God’s Word, I love to read, study, talk about, teach and write about His Word, the Bible. I’ve written several Bible studies and hope to publish more in the future.

Married forty-five-plus years to Guy, we’ve raised two sons and enjoy eight splendid grandchildren. My first self-published books were originally stories I wrote for our grandchildren. I want my grands to know Jesus and learn to love God’s Word. As the Christmas season approached, few years ago, I asked God to give me a story about Jesus’ birth that I could share with my grands— a story that would have a different slant to draw them in and captivate their attention.

God gave me the story that is now the book, Joy Comes to Bethlehem. Not far into the writing of it, I knew I had to write its sequel, His Name is Jesus, and then the third book, He Is The ONE. These picture story books tell about all three events the Bible tells us about baby Jesus. Most everyone knows about Jesus’ birth, but very few people know what the Bible says about His other two infant adventures. A captivating feature in the books is the parallel donkey story– fun and endearing.

Also not far into the writing, I felt impressed to self-publish the books and get them into print so others could enjoy and learn from them.

As I wrote, I prayed that my grandchildren (and others) would learn to love Jesus and the Bible that tells about Him.

Also, my grands convinced me to self-publish some rhinokaroarus animal stories. My father would be so thrilled since he invented the word.

All my children’s books are delightfully illustrated in full color & 100% Made in the USA! Please Like:

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