I saw Jesus in his eyes; An amazing true story 

Caroline’s daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was one year old. Caroline told me that approximately three decades earlier, she took her child to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for further study, and the doctor touched her daughter and told her to walk. Caroline looked at the physician and was mesmerized, seeing Jesus in his eyes.

The doctor told Caroline, “take your daughter home. She’s okay.”

Caroline and her husband protested at first, as they couldn’t believe it. Also, it was such a quick meeting, and they came from quite a distance with a mindset to get treatment for their daughter’s Cerebral Palsy.

Caroline told me again, testifying, “I could see Jesus in the doctor’s eyes, and I could also see for many miles into the doctor’s eyes, as he told me a second time, “take your child home! There’s nothing wrong with her!”

‘Glory be to the Father in the Son, Lord Jesus! Caroline’s child was healed from Cerebral Palsy with the power, grace, and love from Jesus.’

When I talked further with Caroline about this miracle, it didn’t seem that there was one specific prayer she said to Jesus for this to happen. When Caroline told me of this testimony, she said, with such matter of fact faith, “I just knew it was going to be taken care of, and I told everyone this fact all along!”

It seemed that Caroline’s overall faith could have been an ongoing prayer. Some people challenged Caroline, that maybe her child never had Cerebral Palsy in the first place, and that she was misdiagnosed. Caroline testified that she might have thought the same thing, had it not been clear to her…to see Jesus, and to see for so many miles, into the physician’s eyes.

The End

…Caroline told me of this miracle, decades after the fact, when her daughter was about thirty years of age and living a healthy life. To meet Caroline, is to see someone with the type of faith that makes a person know that miracles do happen.

Caroline |  Bethlehem, Pa.

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